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Why Splash?

Splash Marketplace

Buy, Sell, and Collect the hottest 18+ NFTs directly in the Splash Marketplace. Explore different collections and releases from the top content creators featured on Splash. Generate NFT tokens directly in the marketplace and start earning!

Auctions / Buy It Now Sales

Creators and collectors have 2 options when buying or selling NFTs/Content: Sell or purchase at a set price, or host an auction and see how valuable your work is! 


Content creators get rewarded when they sell content. And when their content is sold again, they get a secondary market future royalty.

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Splash Tokenomics

Liquidity Generating Functionality

Every transaction triggers a 3% liquidity tax that goes directly into the Splash Liquidity Pool. This keeps traders and holders liquid while also providing important market-making to help keep orders filled and slippage low.


3% of each transaction is redistributed amongst all SPLASH holders, providing an incentive to hold tokens and earn passive rewards with ease.

Splash Pot

The Splash pot receives this 2% fee, which is distributed bi-weekly to our diamond hands SPLASH holders to enjoy.


Girls Collection

Guys Collection


Erica McClean - Director

James Bartholet - Radio, Television, Internet Host

Rick Garcia - Director

Luc Wylder - Director/Producer


Jay Allan - Director

Jeff Mullen - Director

Chris King - Director

Our Official Ambassadors

Sunny Lane

Riley Steele

Nicki Delano

Katie Morgan

Misty Stone

Our Roadmap

✓ Splash Team Formation = Completed
✓ Website Curation and Launch = Underway
✓ Social Media Creation = Underway
✓ Splash Smart Contract Deployed = Completed
✓ Liquidity Locked for 1 Year = Completed

✓ CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio Listing = Pending
✓ Marketing Campaign = Pending
✓ Partnerships = Underway
✓ Smart Contract and Platform Audit = Pending
✓ White paper = Pending

✓ Global Marketing Campaigns = Pending
✓ CEX Listing Applications and Listing = Pending
✓ Marketplace Rollout = Underway
✓ Further Partnerships = Underway
✓ Splash Cross Chain Bridge Deployment = Pending

✓ VR Gallery Deployment = Underway
✓ Marketing, Advising, and Development toward Global Adoption = Ongoing

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